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The Biography Process - How it's done

The Cosy Media team will help you to tell your story with the following tried and tested process.

Don't be nervous: we will prepare you for the interview through discussions and storyboarding to determine the important events that shaped your life. We will organise your photographs and videos to reflect your story - and assure you of complete confidentiality.

We can come to the comfort and privacy of your own home to get an authentic backdrop to your life story, but can also arrange your interview at another location if you prefer.

We use our industry-level cameras and studio-quality lighting to show you at your best. We will need a room with space for a lighting kit (around 15 feet x 10 feet); the lounge is usually best but we're happy to look at alternatives.

The interview itself – which can happen the same day or at a later date, as you choose – normally takes around 45 minutes. We ask you about your life and you tell us your story. It's fine to take breaks or retakes as we go along, as these can be edited out.

Editing is the most complicated part of the process – for us! We take away your interview footage, and mix it with photographs and any other video you wish to be included. To give your life story the professional coverage you deserve takes around two to three weeks. When it's completed, we will design the DVD cover to reflect the content (see the example on the right).

Other services we offer include the restoration and digital clean-up of old photos; the scanning and digital archiving of your old photos or slides; and the uploading of your completed story to the internet if you wish to share it with friends and family.

The completed video usually lasts around 20 to 40 minutes. But as with everything at Cosy Media, we're happy to discuss your individual needs if you want something a little different...

DVD Cover
Elizabeth Mearns