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About us

Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I have worked in the media for 15 years. I started in television news, then I moved into radio and worked for National Public Radio in the US. Since 2003 I have worked for the BBC World Service.

At the BBC I have worked across audio and video, being fully trained in camera work and digital editing by the BBC. I also hold a BBC Lighting and Safety Certificate.

I came upon the idea for personal documentaries when my father became terminally ill in 2008. I had lost my mother in my teens, and with my memories of her fading I was finding it difficult to describe her to my own children.

I decided to make a video biography by interviewing my father about his life, using my training to create a fully-edited documentary with photographs and archive video. When I sent it to friends and relatives, the reaction was so overwhelmingly positive that Cosy Media was born.

Elizabeth Mearns