Because everyone's a VIP to someone


How much do those around us know about the reasons for the decisions we took in life? We believe that your life and memories are an important slice of family history and a fascinating story to those who care about you.

Everyone has photographs and letters, but they can't capture your mannerisms, your voice and your laughter. Putting your life story and experiences into a format that's easy to access is a great gift for generations to come.

Making a personal documentary allows those you love to access your ideas on life and hear about your childhood, the places you've lived, how things have changed and the characters in your life which shaped you along the way.

Advances in technology allow the making of a professional yet personal documentary about your life possible for a fraction of the cost of what it would have been just a few years ago.

Now you can capture your memories in a form that's special to you, and makes a superb legacy to leave for future generations.

Here are some sample chapters from previous biographies: